Prestans 2.0, a Python WSGI REST micro-framework

Prestans is a WSGI (PEP-333) complaint micro-framework that allows you to rapidly build quality REST services by introducing a pattern of models, parsers and handlers and in turn taking care of boilerplate code. Prestans sits better with complex Ajax applications written with JavaScript infrastructure like Google Closure, or native mobile apps.

Prestans is currently hosted on Github and distributed under the terms defined by the New BSD license. A list of current downloads is available here. We highly recommend using PyPI to install Prestans.

This document assumes that you have a working knowledge of REST and WSGI.


If you find any inconsistencies in our documentation please feel free to lodge an issue via our Issue Tracker on Github. Or Tweet at us @anomalymade.


We encourge the use of our mailing lists (run on Google Groups) as the primary method of getting help. You can also write the developers through contact information our website.

  • Discuss general discussion, help, suggest a new feature.
  • Announcements security / release announcements.


Prestans’s documentation is distributed under terms outlined by Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Sphinx Source available on GitHub.